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  1. Aloha, I’ve been working with a ‘Talk Story’ New Testament (rewording of the King James English) into everyday Talk Story English for my doctorate dissertation for about 16 years. As we speak we don’t use a bunch of Hawaiian words neither do we interject only Hawaiian words into our conversations. Where it is appropriate we use a common Hawaiian or Multicultural word that we are all familiar with and we move on. Study has helped in this rewording and has also lengthened it. To date I have completed the New Testament (that is divided into 6 (six) separate books). Currently I have been working on the Book of Psalms, The Book of Proverbs with Ecclesiastes and the Prophetic book of Daniel. To date that is all I was asked to reword but it could be more and possibly even the complete Old Testament. My name is Kamalei MARK Teves, local Hawaiian / Chinese / Japanese / Portugese / Tahitian / Maori / Irish. Born and raised in Ewa Beach, Hawaii, went away to the mainland for College and Seminary. I now direct the Aloha Chapel Ministries which operates with a weekly (Sunday) Chapel service at 11:00 in the Royal Imperial Resort on Lewers Street in Waikiki. I’m hoping to get the word out about the New Testament Portions of Scripture, although I’m not sure how to go about doing that. If you have some suggestions I’m listening. It would be best to contact me by phone in early evenings. Hope to talk with you soon, aloha.

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